Experts in risk analysis and security services. Our main collaborators have training in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

In Custom Security Solutions get focused to the survey of requirements, management, supervision and control in different levels of security forces and protection units in Mexico, proposing specific solutions to mitigate risks and meet the particular needs of the service.

We have direct contact with the main developers of technology, this allows us to advise, train, modify and provide the newest technology, solutions and ideas.

The technology blended with our experience and knowledge allows us to provide a custom made solutions and turnkey.

More than 10 years in Mexico participating in multiple international projects.

We have a deep knowledge of the politics, idiosyncrasy, culture and security needs in Mexico.

We have worked in projects related to fields like state and municipal governments, politicians, national and/or foreign executives, celebrities and people with high security needs levels.

Swat type units for state governments, training for bodyguards for governors and municipal leaders, government and personal security for high level visitors in Mexico.

We combine ideas and operating methods based on experiences with international teams, adapting it to the specific characteristics in Mexico, giving a service customized to very specific needs and risks from our country.